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G&A Wennekers’ Meat Wholesale

The G&A Wennekers’ Meat Wholesale family-owned company was founded in 1965 by Mr. G. Wennekers Sr. This Company boasts of the great care it takes in the daily inspection, treatment, packaging of both national as well as international meat, and transports it to various customers. G&A Wennekers focuses on the treatment and handling of beef, veal and lamb meat. On top of the large offering, you can have the meat treated according to your specific requirements and needs!


After finishing the higher vocation school, G. Wennekers Senior started working at the Nieuwe Vlees Combinatie, located on the street called Boezemstraat. He was in charge of selling beef. As a hobby, G. Wennekers sr. loved to raise cows during his leisure time. In 1965, G. Wennekers sr. started to work independently as a meat trader in Rotterdam. The slaughterhouse in Rotterdam closed down in 1978, so he was forced to continue his activities elsewhere. G. Wennekers senior found a location in Schiedam, where he worked for 9 years. In 1987 he moved to the current location in the area called “de Spaanse Polder”. In 1991, after some years of growth, G. Wennekers senior had the opportunity to take over two neighbouring properties. This way he was able to expand his company. He took advantage of this opportunity to create the overall premises where G&A Wennekers is located nowadays. In 2001, the authorities closed down the cattle market due to the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease and BSE (mad cow disease) in Europe. In 2001, company management also passed down from the father to his sons. Since those days, Gerard and Arjan Wennekers together have been responsible for G&A Wennekers and continuing the family passion.